What is the purpose of NACT?

The purpose of NACT is to provide a mechanism for franchisees to collaborate with the larger organization to improve the services that we provide to our clients and the benefits that franchisees achieve. By joining the NACT you are making your voice heard in support of our organization’s vision to be a collaborative, unified team that can strengthen, promote, and foster the interests of franchisees of LearningRx and that of LearningRx as a whole. In addition, you have access to a broad range of member services designed to improve your business, provide access to legal and professional guidance, and boost your bottom line. The NACT is the gateway for information and collaboration for anyone interested in building a successful LearningRx franchise.

Who belongs to NACT?

All LearningRx franchisee owners are eligible and encouraged to join the NACT. As of August 2019, approximately 86% of LearningRx franchisee owners are members of the NACT. These members collectively represent about 82% of the LearningRx centers in operation.

Why do franchisees need a franchisee association such as the NACT?

Creating Win-Win Situations

The best use of an Association is to create win-win situations through better communication and understanding. With just two parties talking (i.e., the franchisor and an association representing the franchisees), it is much easier for each party to understand, appreciate, and effectively communicate the needs of each. Better communication and understanding unquestionably make win-win results a much more likely outcome.

Likewise, an Association creates a stage for the franchisees to discuss and debate the issues they face. This allows them to make more informed and better-understood decisions, which in turn lead to better, more well-reasoned ideas that that the franchisor may appreciate.

Educational Resource

Associations also provide a great educational resource for franchisees to improve their businesses. Successful franchisees in a system are an excellent source of information and knowledge for a struggling or new franchisee. Yet this superb resource is often overlooked or hard to access. An Association is the perfect tool for setting up and hosting educational programs at which successful franchisees can advise other franchisees needing assistance.

Likewise, Associations can be a great resource for general education. Instead of each franchisee spending valuable resources investigating the best new technologies or business practices, an association can research this for the entire system. This creates an economy of scale that greatly reduces the time and energy individual franchisees have to put into researching the newest and best technical advances for their system. Thus, instead of spending time trying to figure out how to keep ahead of the competition, they can spend time actually doing it.

Buying Power

In some systems, franchisees can greatly increase their buying power by creating national or regional purchasing cooperatives to negotiate lower prices for goods and distribution agreements. Thus an Association can increase its members’ profit margins by lowering their operating costs.

NACT Success
  • Joint effort with the home office
  • Consistent sharing of best practices
  • Helped several struggling centers get back on track
  • Shared marketing ideas and materials
  • Cost reduction activities
  • Consultation help
  • Student help
  • Shared competitive information
  • Provided Owner support when sick, during bereavement, or for disaster assistance
  • Fast adoption of ideas

Are there NACT events I can attend to gather information and learn more?

NACT holds an annual meeting for all members the day prior to the Learning Rx Convention. See the section on Annual Meeting for further details.

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